Gold Award

Te Hu

shaosiming(god of birth)

xiangjun (god of xiang river)

xiangfuren (goddess of xiang river)

dongjun (god of sun)

yunzhongjun (goddess of cloud)

shangui (goddess of mountain)


used art supplies or application soft

shuimo(chinese ink) zbrush, houdini, maya, substance

Artist comments

combine digital art with traditional Chinese ink to express the nine song poem which is written 200 year ago.



I like the way that Te chooses a long scroll-looking size of the canvas to present such large-scale perspectives of cultural and mythic narratives scenes, with his flowing rhythm of the composition.
Both narratives and themes work perfectly together in his work.
Te’s work is an outstanding presentation that combines great use of CG style and aesthetics.
Congratulations on his well-deserved winning.

Hannah Li

Te’s works are magnificent and impressive.
“Nine Songs” presents traditional Chinese mythological themes in the form of scroll painting.
Each piece exhibits different atmosphere and rhythm.
The fine depictions of the details are combined with the ink wash painting technique, then the fairy air between solids and voids fills the whole illustrations.
Divinity is expressed through concrete and diverse human figures and images, which is similar to the humanistic spirit of Renaissance painting.
Congratulations, you've achieved such an outstanding success!

Ailun Jiang

Very massive pieces.
Love the composions.
It captures viewer's eyes and invited them into the art.

Belle Lee

The composition is beautiful and interesting from far and the closer you get, the most interesting it gets.
You can keep on looking and find new details.
The retro atmosphere reminds me of the beautiful frescos.
Well done.

Fatinha Ramos




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