Silver Award

Amir Alaei

The Kite 01

The Kite 02

The Kite 03

The Kite 04

The Kite 05

The Kite 06


used art supplies or application soft

mixmedia (pencil/print/digitalpainting)

Artist comments

This story is about a boy who does not like to leave the house and one day goes to the park at the insistence of his mother.
He starts making kites in the park and makes many friends because of them.
The son loses his father in a car accident while the father is talking on a cell phone, and the son becomes disabled.
That's why the boy did not want to go out.
Ever since his friends found out about his disability, they have been playing through the kite window.



I love the graphic feelings applies in Amir’s work.
The use of texture is extremely dedicated- subtle pencil line marks bring exclusive, unique, fuzzy feelings to his work.

Hannah Li

What a touching work!
The cross-arranged pencil lines methodically weave a story about kite.
The special texture of the paper, the collage of red, blue and yellow blocks, which create the kites, cars, windows and alternation between day and night, make the storytelling of this whole series unique.
Additionally the montage connecting the table and the road is particularly imaginative.

Ailun Jiang

Very good job with minimum usage of color.
Lots of simple shapes and peaceful but it delivers the story very effectively.
Love the pencil sketch feeling.
It’s unique and good texture.
And love how surfaces are divided into different aspects such as black filled and textured background and small details like plants. Love the variety.
I think it captures my eyes very quickly.

Belle Lee

Love the color palette and simplicity.

Fatinha Ramos




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