Silver Award

Laimutė Varkalaitė









used art supplies or application soft

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Wacom Intuos Pro, Apple iPAD Pro

Artist comments

What has elegance and forest in common?
There is much more similarity than you think.
Have you ever noticed the wavy surface of the forest ground covered in moss; the wide variety of the sculptural forms of the plants and the monumental silhouettes of the trees; the beauty and the shinning of leaves on a sunny day.
When the sun appears all the living creatures come out of emerge from their hiding places and the forest becomes similar to the great mysterious kingdom.
Just imagine...



The use of graphic language is absolutely outstanding in Laimute’s work.
She build a strong and consistent visual vocabulary of lines and shapes.
With her exquisite presentation in texture and abstract shapes, each character becomes unique and expressive.
Through Laimute’s delicate work, I can almost feel the music came from it.

Hannah Li

Abstraction and personification make animals more lively.
The combination of smooth curves and metallic texture creates Laimutė's unique visual language.

Ailun Jiang

Design skill is amazing.
This artist knows that how to transit the character into a simple shape.
And volume of each pcharacter is beautifully done.
I can feel very strong strokes and quick gesture.

Belle Lee

I like very much the geometry of this characters, and the restrict color pallet.

Fatinha Ramos




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