Silver Award


City Wanderer - Iridescent

City Wanderer - Petrichor

City Wanderer - Serendipity


used art supplies or application soft

Mixed media

Artist comments




I love the overall loose feeling of her work!
The whole vibe is fluid, free yet exquisite.

Hannah Li

Illustration is a direct expression of the subjective world.
This series of works is distinctive.
Every detail in the seemingly simple and casual scenes is particularly designed by the illustrator.
Different materials used on paper improve the experimental effect.
The delicate and accurate colors make the city full of warmth.

Ailun Jiang

Love the atmosphere here.
Artist has unique style that shows the beautiful mood.
I love the style and color usage.
However second one can be developed better.
It's hard to tell contents exactly.

Belle Lee

Great textures that create a very beautiful and interesting visual poetry.
Great drawings that give a unique feeling.

Fatinha Ramos




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