Silver Award

Yichin Chen

Into the Maze

The Whisper from Your Spirit Animal

Star Traveling

The Storm is Coming

Join the picnic party

Divine Messages with Love

Choose a plate of food

The doors are open for you


used art supplies or application soft

Watercolor Ink, Digital coloring

Artist comments




An outstanding series with strong consistency-especially on her deliberate use of pale color palette to creates such a muted, soft, and sensitive overall vibe.

Hannah Li

Yichin can easily create and control any complex scene like a magician.
The modern deconstruction of traditional elements, graphic presentation of multidimensional space and rigorous logic show her distinctive drawing characteristics.

Ailun Jiang

Love the watercolor technique.
Simple graphic shapes’s usage is interesting and it adds variety to it.
Combination of full rendering and simple shapes is good.
I like how artist keeps the similar mood to all artwork.
They are all very desaturated.

Belle Lee

I really like the dept given by the watercolour.
Also the color palette create a very interesting dreamy atmosphere.

Fatinha Ramos




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