Silver Award


The Eternal Dowager Cixi

Last Emperor Henry

General machine Zi

Walled City Soldier Gloria

Doctor Wai-Man

Assassin Sabrina

Head of a state Kennedy

Magician Hugo


Used art supplies or application soft

Photoshop CC

Artist comments

I create a board game which is Ching Dynasty but in cyberpunk style.
The background is in parallel time and space, the world is dominated by Ching Dynasty, and the Queen is immortality.
The game play is about the battle between the Queen and the people.



An awesome series that shows the professional presentation of the artist's fantasy style!
The great use of light and shapes are impressive.

Hannah Li

Strong cyberpunk style.
This group of illustrations connect tradition and high technology, past and future together.

Ailun Jiang

Skills are good and facial expression on each characters are also good.
Character’s costume is well designed and love the lighting.

Belle Lee

Great composition and colors with and interesting whimsical atmosphere.

Fatinha Ramos




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