Silver Award

Sophia Ji

The star

The world

The vaccine

Revisiting grandma 01

Revisiting grandma 02

Revisiting grandma 03

Revisiting grandma 04

Revisiting grandma 05


Used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments




Great works!
The noisy texture is applying well in Sophia's work.

Hannah Li

In recent years, the effect of risograph is becoming more and more popular with illustrators all over the world.
The deep thinking about life under the epidemic and the strong decorative composition make this series of works wonderful and unique.

Ailun Jiang

Pointillism skill is beautifully excused in these artwork.
I like how titles are placed at the bottom for first three.
It gives me joy to enjoy the artwork.
However some of parts are blending and losing the shapes.
But overall unique style.

Belle Lee

Love the colors, the textures and composition.
Well done.

Fatinha Ramos




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