Bronze Award

Donna Fan

Winter In Mushroom Forest

Spring In Mushroom Forest

Summer in Mushroom Forest

Autumn In Mushroom Forest


used art supplies or application soft

Procreate, TVpaint, Photoshop.

Artist comments




Donna’s style would work perfectly for the children’s book market!
Visual-wise, I really like the consistency in her series.
The story is pretty cute, I look forward to seeing more from this project.

Hannah Li

What a big world is hidden in the little mushroom!
Small things that are easily overlooked often have unlimited fascination.
The four seasons under the mushroom make me in a fairy tale.

Ailun Jiang

Overall it’s very whimsical and cute.
I really like little birds enjoying the nature.
I like how all four seasons’s color are different and it connects the story between.
But sometimes birds are hard to recognize.
For winter mushiroom forest, maybe birds can be drawn with shadow and strong value.

Belle Lee

Beautiful view of the four seasons.
Love the colors.

Fatinha Ramos




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