Bronze Award

Heather Tao

Present A Gift

Oley Is Banished

The Danger


used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments

3 pieces from children book named 'Rooster Oley' which describe Oley's adventure from noisy human city to his happy life in the nature.



I love Heather’s playful style!
The way she tells story work perfectly with children’s book.
A lot of elements to look at here, and she uses these to build an atmosphere that conveys fun and joy.

Hannah Li

The theme of these illustrations has typical Chinese feature.
Lively and festive.

Ailun Jiang

It’s very fun and dynamic.
Full usage of colors are very vivid and very colorful.
I like the ittle decoration of the images and it brings variety to this.
However few images look very busy.

Belle Lee

Interesting compositions with a great color palette.

Fatinha Ramos




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