Bronze Award


Don’t worry! Be happy!

Don’t worry! We are each other’s angels!

Don’t worry! I’ll alway protect you!

Don’t worry! I’ll never disappear!

What did we find in the adventure? It’s friendship!


used art supplies or application soft

Digital art (Procreate)

Artist comments

It is dedicated to my best friend and every good friend in this world!



This is a really cute and warm series with great skills in visual execution.
The color, textures, and storytelling are well expressed in her work.

Hannah Li

Cute characters and dreamy scenes are full of beauty and child-like innocence.

Ailun Jiang

She knows how to illustrate the story within the images.
Unique style captures the whimsical atmosphere.
Also her brush strokes are beautiful.
Very colorful and magical

Belle Lee

Very interesting composition.
I like the illustration of the reflex in the water.

Fatinha Ramos




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