Bronze Award


Spring Morn-Wharf

Spring Morn-Bird Market

Spring Morn-Tea House

Spring Morn-Stranger


used art supplies or application soft

Cilp Studio Paint

Artist comments

The work Spring Morn was inspired by Pippa's Song.
On the basis of this poem, I use the skylark for make a connection in this illustrations.
In the illustrations, I still painted the street life.
I love such a peaceful, noisy and a strong personal theme.



I love the overall consistency of her work.
A really nice choice of color creates a unique way of expression.

Hannah Li

The seaside scenery feels like a blue-purple dream.
The comfortable life in the scenes is fascinating.

Ailun Jiang

I like the artist’s style.
It’s very well painted in the style.
Lots of things were going on but artist tried to deliver well.
Color is very good. It’s well harmonized.
Each piece captures the mood at the market.

Belle Lee

The composition and colors are very strong in this illustrations.
I like the way the characters get an extra dimension in the composition.

Fatinha Ramos




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