Bronze Award

Anna Sorokina

Eye Exam

To Better Vision


Juicing Adventures

Build a Birdhouse


used art supplies or application soft

Graphite, ink, acrylic, digital.

Artist comments

In many ways, my illustration lives the dichotomy of new and old, technical and joyous. I combine analog materials – acrylic paint, ink, and textured paper – with digital tools. I seek inspiration in technical manuals, handmade textures, and constructivist posters.
In its subject matter, my work oftentimes looks forward, exploring contemporary themes and embracing new technology and science. Yet, this novelty contains remembrance of the past – we build upon the steps of yesterday. What seems new today will, too, one day be a record, another piece in the history of humanity. This is reflected in the muted colors, the nostalgia-laced feel of my work, and the materials that I use.
To counteract this modernity, I also create work that focuses solely on play and on childhood joys. I recreate and interpret scenes from my life, things I remember from childhood, pieces of memory that tug at my heartstrings. I see play as a political act of resistance against the constant flow of work and progress.



I love the retro feeling in Anna’s work.
The overall design is outstanding!

Hannah Li

Anna’s illustrations have a special attractiveness.
The exploded views and metaphorical expressions are very impressive.

Ailun Jiang

I really love the third image.
It’s very simple but powerful.
Very well executed. However rest of pieces are little bit hard to understand.
Compositions can be little better. Artist’s skill is great.

Belle Lee

Interesting concepts and line work in the drawings.

Fatinha Ramos




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