Bronze Award

Feixue Mei


Endless Ballad



used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments

Exploring the idiocy of crowds.
A series of illustrations represent my reflection on people’s negative group behavior, both online and offline.
An individual immersed for some length of time in a crowd soon finds oneself either in consequence of magnetic influence given out by the crowd or from some other cause of which we are ignorant. They are impulsive and irritable.
They exaggerate the sentiments. They follow each other.
They judge for no reason.



I appreciate Feixue’s dedicated details.
Very consistent visual vocabulary is nicely used in her work.

Hannah Li

Decorative patterns, repetitive elements and loop spaces.
Feixue's works are full of imagination.

Ailun Jiang

Pen skills is great. Love the little details artist put here.
Color is very vivid. And it makes artwork more interesting.
Very well done. However composition could be little bit better.
Sometimes it looks too busy.

Belle Lee

The perspective and color composition are very strong.
I personally like the one with the shadow.

Fatinha Ramos




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