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Yu Zhang





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Digital Art

Artist comments




I like the limited color palette that Yu applies in her works.
Both conceptual and visual execution is nicely expressed.

Hannah Li

Yu’s works are rich in colors and have a strong graphic sense.
This series of illustrations present respectively the hidden worries of personal privacy leakages in the age of Internet, the protection of family love and the spirit of never giving up.
Metaphor and montage refine the expression of each theme, which makes me feel empathetic.

Ailun Jiang

Very bold and colorful. We understand the story immediately.
However positive and negative spaces can be more interesting.
I like first image because it gives room to breath.
Second and third one, most of elements were evenly placed so it looks quite crowded.
Maybe artist can add little bit more design skill to the artwork.

Belle Lee

I like the graphical part of this illustrations.
Very good composition.

Fatinha Ramos




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