Xiaoying Liu

Adventures in Wordland01

Adventures in Wordland02

Adventures in Wordland03

Adventures in Wordland04

Adventures in Wordland05

Adventures in Wordland06

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Artist comments




I am pleasantly surprised to see such rich colors, intriguing facial expressions, diverse variety of characters, and distinct narratives of the story in different situations.
The unique angles and perspectives of these pieces gives them a striking quality, are simultaneously cute and mysterious.
I greatly look forward to seeing your future developments.

Te Li(CEO & Creative Director)

An explosion of colors sucks you into the illustrations,
I enjoyed getting lost in the drawings looking for new details.
The powerful compositions send you around the drawing and let you discover everything.


It is a fun and easy-to-understand illustration that both children and adults are looking at.
I think that the reason why the screen is not cluttered even if there are many characters is that the composition that is the main axis is decided exactly and drawn.

Amire Alaei

Nice and unexpected interpretation of a well known idea.
Also, the composition of each illustration looks really great and professionally done!
It is worth mentioning that the author bravely uses colours and plays with their contrast.
That's why all illustrations look expressive and dynamic.
Thanks for this modern interpretation of Wonderland!


XiaoYing's illustrations are perfect for children's books.
They're colorful and filled with whimsical creatures and characters.
They portray each aspect of the illustration with attention so that they are all harmonious.

Tran Nguyen




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