Object of establishment and JIA membership agreement

1.The Japan Illustrar Association (JIA) aims at improving the social status of illustrators and the members must agree on this objective.

2.You must pay the total amount of 11, 880 yen of the registration fee of 5,400 yen and the annual fee of 6,480 yen to the designated account within 2 weeks after acceptance of admission examination.
  The annual membership fee shall be valid for one year from the date of enrollment.
  To continue the membership, you must pay an annual fee of 6,480 yen to the designated account before the expiration date of the membership card expires.
  If payment of admission fee or annual fee is difficult by the designated deadline, you must to tell the secretariat by email the payable date promptly.

3.You must not infringe the copyright and the portrait rights of the other artist.

4.You must be responsible for illustration work so that the client is satisfied.

5.When coordinating by the Japan Illustrator Association, you must follow the instructions of the coordinator.

6.In case you receive a job directly from a client, you must complete the work at your own risk.
  The Japan Illustrator' Association is not responsible even if trouble should occur.

7.You can withdraw your membership at any time. If you wish to unsubscribe, contact the secretariat via e-mail.

8.It is not possible to request the refund of the admission fee and the annual fee after the 20-day period of the cooling-off period,

9.If you re-enroll after your withdrawal, we treat you as equivalent to a new enrollment.

10. Members who are disadvantaged to JIA or who have been antisocial behavior are excluded.

11. 非常識や悪意により、他人に迷惑をかけた場合は、日本イラストレーター協会の評価(口コミ)のページに掲載する。