Japan Illustrators' Association

Japan Illustrators' Association (JIA) is the most popular organization of professional illustrators in Japan.
The number of the members of JIA is about 500.
We are glad to help you look for Japanese illustrators, and also a lot of Japanese illustrators want to work for you outside of Japan.
You can see the winners of "JIA Illustration Award 2017.
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Looking for Japanese illustrators?

If you are looking for Japanese illustrators, you can look their works at the gallery page.
When you find your favorite illustrators, you can contact them directly via their own web site which is linked on the web site of JIA.
If you look for the illustrator whom you already know his (her) name and would like to contact him (her) , you can search the name in the JIA members list.
If they do not understand English, contact us by email, so that we can manage in English.

JIA Illustration Award

JIA Illustration Award

Japan Illustrators' Association hold the contest of illustration every year.
Anybody can make an entry for this competition.
We do not care if you are a professional illustrator or not.

The guidance of each prize

GRAND PRIX 1 artist Prize money 300,000 yen
Cristal shield
Supplementary prize
The most superior work in this competition
Judge Special prize 1 artist Prize money 100,000 yen
Cristal shield
Supplementary prize
The most superior work chosen by the jury
Holbein Prize 1 artist ACRYLA GOUACHE 102 Colors
Certificate of commendation
Supplementary prize
The superior work of the hand drawings
Excellent Prize 10 artists Prize money 20,000 yen
Certificate of commendation
Supplementary prize
The superior works in this competition
Fine Work Prize 30 artists Certificate of commendation
Supplementary prize
Fine works

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You want to bo a member of JIA?

We accept illustrators not only in Japan but also from foreign countries.
The condition of the enrollment needs the results that are more than three years as a professional illustrator.

Privilege of the member

1.We mediate the work of the illustration in JIA.
2.We show illustration works and the profile of the member of JIA on web site..
3.In case you have your own web site, we link on JIA web site.
4.You can apply for "The illustration year prize" with a member special price.
5.You can get the latest information about illustration by the mailing list "JIA tushin".
6.You can exhibit your works to the exhibition of Japan illustrators' Association.
7.You can place a your works on the anthology "Japan illustrators' association annual".
8.In addition, you can participate in various events including the exchange meeting.

Application for JIA enrollment examination

We want you to show us your profile and your works at first.
For further information, please check the page of "guidance of enrollment".

Japan Illustrators' Association Annual

We publish the annaul books of illustrations.
You can buy it on the website of Amazon.
If you want to post your works to this book, please check this page.


Work of Japan Illustrators' Association

Japan Illustrators' Association(JIA) is established to realize the following in 1999.

Please ask us if you have any questions.
We are glad to cooperate with you.

Every art and illustration in this site must not be reprinted without permission by JIA.

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