Guide for membership

Japan Illustrators' Association (JIA) is the most popular organization of professional illustrators in Japan.
The number of the members of Japan Illustrators' Association is about 400.
We accept illustrators not only in Jpan but also from foreign countries.
The condition of the enrollment needs the career that are more than three years as a professional illustrator.
The winners of "JIA Illustration Award", are exempts the examination and admission fee for the membership.

Privilege of the member

1.We mediate the work of the illustration in JIA.
When a client request to coordinate an illustrator in JIA, we choose illustrators in accord with the work and give their images for the presentation.
We email tho information about the work to the members of JIA via mailing list "JIA tushin" as needed, and if you are interested in the work, you send your illustration sample by emails to the JIA secretariat.
We compile the illustrations sent to the secretariat and submit it to a client who order for an illustration.
The work of the illustration is established if your sample is chosen by the client.

2.We show illustration works and the profile of the member of JIA on web site.
We display the works and the profile of the member on the page "The illustration gallery " of JIA web site.
The visitor looks at this gallery, and order the work of illustration.

3.In case you have your own web site, we link on JIA web site.
When a visitor likes your work in a gallery of JIA, visitor contact you directly via the link of your own web site which is placed in the profile.
You can expect your own web site access up by being linked, because the web site of JIA gets more than 10,000 daily access.
If you do not have your own web site, you can place your email address on your gallery page.
In case email address is not placed, the customer email to the secretariat and we transfer the email from the customer to you.

4.You can apply for "The illustration year prize" with a member special price.
You can apply for "The illustration year prize" that is the only one competition in Japan evaluating the work that a professional illustrator did in a year with a member special price.
We commend "Illustrator of the year" as the illustrator who did the best work in the year, and "excellent illustrators" as the illustrators who did excellent work in each section.

5.You can get the latest information about illustration by the mailing list "JIA tushin".
We email informations of the illustration work in the mailing list "JIA tushin" for the members of JIA.
We have Facabook page of Japan Illustrators' Association, push the button "nice" so that you can get informations from JIA.

6. You can sell your original goods with your illustration at JIA shop.
JIA shop is a shopping site operated by JIA.
We sell full graphic T-shirts by sublimation transfer, full color ink jet T-shirt, smart phone case, tote bag, illustration digital data etc.

7.You can place a your works on the anthology "Japan illustrators' association annual book".
We publish the anthology "Japan illustrators' association annual" of the illustration every year.
You can place your works in the anthology with a member special price.

8. In case you introduse another member
In case you introduce your friends who is an illustrator, and that person is accredited as a member, we will pay 3000 yen per person registration as a referral fee.

To the person who enrolled in JIA

As a new enrollment campaign, we give you the book "100 ILLUSTRATORS most attractive un the world Vol.1".

This campaign will end as soon as it is out of stock. The stock is running low, so if you would like to have an admission examination, please apply as soon as possible.

Application for JIA enrollment examination

We want you to show us your profile and your works at first.
Please input the following information into an enrollment examination form, and please transmit a message.
The deficit is a required item.

We prepare the page for the introduction of JIA member on "Illustration Gallery" with contents just as you wrote in the enrollment examination form such as [illustrator name], [brief career history], [drawing method and art supplies], [self-PR], [prize career you won], [Exhibitions you exhibited], [the main work of illustration], [your web site URL] .

We place only the URL of your web site which you manage for yourself.
The creator introduction sites are not placed.
If you
do not have your own web site, attach your images data to an enrollment application form and send it.
The attached file should be JPEG files, RGB mode, resolution 72dpi, the size within A4.
Put six or more images in a folder, and compress it to less than 1MB.

We use the personal information only when we contact a member from JIA.
We cannot drain it elsewhere.
The enrollment examination is basically free, but you have to pay 5,400 yen for enrollment fee and 6,480 yen as annual members fee when you passed enrollment examination.

You can pay via PayPal.

After the enrollment examination, we surely email you to inform the result within three business days regardless you pass or not.
If you do not receive any email from the secretariat of JIA for more than one week after you applied the enrollment examination form, please email to the secretariat of JIA for the confirmation.
The email from the secretariat of JIA may be contained into the mailbox of "SPAM MAIL".
If you do not get the email from the secretariat of JIA, please confirm the mailbox of "SPAM MAIL".

An enrollment examination application form opens when you click the button "Agree" to under the following member agreements.
When you cannot transmit a message from a form, You input the item mentioned above into an email, and please transmit a message to the association of Japanese illustrator secretariat.
The email address of the secretariat is put at the bottom of this page.

The enrollment examination form opens when you click a lower (I agree) button, please input a necessary matter, and please transmit it.
We inform the result of examination within three business days.

I agree


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