JIA Illustration Award 2019

The winners of JIA Illustration Award 2019

Number of applicants : 277 artists

Number of entries : 579 works

The winners

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Haimeng Cao Unmasked Girl / Tank and Heavy Cannon / City Rig System / Industrial Area / Core / Emergency U.S.A.


Gold Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Ana Varela Two works with no title Spain


Holbein Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Hannah Li Two works with no title China


Silver Award

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Eri Ando Breathe / Glisten / Kewai / Nevertheless / Heartbeats / 夜中の薔薇 / Time / Wild Flower / Lobotomy / Cure Japan
mitaka 路地にて/ 速度落せ / 上り坂スリー / 街ブラ / 夕日古書店 / 暗くなる前に / また日を改めて Japan
Dion MBD Beyond /Self-Portrait / Until We Meet Again / Best Bao in Shanghai U.S.A.
Yi Chia Chien マンネリの日々 / 扉はいつもここに / ありのままの色 Taiwan
Masashi Nonaka 補陀落山 / 江刺鹿踊 / ∞と青年 Japan
Manuel Šumberac BORDERS - Behind the Wall / BORDERS - On the Roof / BORDERS - Strong Winds Croatia
Te Hu dragon uprise / drum clan / battle of sanjunsanjando / 8buddha jinggangshou / 8buddha chugaizhang China
BACK DO 悪夢を食べるバク / エビ異星人とコアラシェフ / 猫の故郷 Korea
Daisuke Buchi 縄跳び / 夏恋 / 北斎風呂 / 度胸試し / 無関心 Japan
Sara Ugolotti Illustrator Even the little things deserve attention / Having dinner with green friends / the silence of the city / Letter / under the rain / Back home Italy


Bronze Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Yoko funatsumaru 船出 / 嵐 / 体操 / 雨宿り / 旅立ち / サンタクロースの贈り物 / お茶の時間 Japan
Anthony Tung Ning Huang Creature - Deer / Creature - Fighting / Geisha / Aladdin / Refresh / Carmen / Restlessness / Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup U.S.A.
chocoshi 真夜中の水族館 / RAIN / 絶望 Japan
SSONG Embrace the Moment / Pouring lights Korea
Victor Moldoveanu The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom / Protecting Paradise Romania
yomochi 路地裏に誘われて / 猫の飯使い / さよならを告げたはずなのに Japan
Fann Chen Best places to do water sports in MIAMI / What is the most bizarre dream you’ve had? / Floating boat / Feel lonely / Dream U.S.A.
Kuniaki Katsu 昆虫採集 / 子守魚 / 棲み家 Japan
Manuel Kilger ZEFIX Germany
Suolan Zhou World's Best Dog-1 / World's Best Dog-2 / Monster In Kindergarten-1 / Monster In Kindergarten-2 / Monster In Kindergarten-3 China
Alexandra Wong Ame-no-Uzume Italia
Chen Lu Leo / Capricornus / Taurus / Virgo China
Hiroki Kubota FIORE#2 城影 / FIORE#2 孤影 / FIORE#2 剣閃 Japan
holly New World / Cat Walk / Moonlight Japan
Laura Merz Beasties of Allsorts Finland
umo 寄食の国 ユメクイの城 / ゴブリンメイジ毒物店 Japan
Yin Ye Grow / Grow China
Yong Yee Beh Walking into the Unknown / Wishing for a Kindness / Listen to the Wind / The Calm / The Storm Malaysia
Hyelin Kim Homecoming / Isolation Korea
Jaye Kang The World of Kiss China
KAORU うさぎと心臓ときのこ / きのこねこ / 麒麟 Japan
Kazuhiko Nakako お盆の旅館街 Japan
Kelly Wu Heart Protector U.S.A.
Mako Kawai RAINING ALL DAY / hanging / farewell / Mexican Requiem Japan
Mayuko Utanishi 階段と女性 / コンクリート工場と佇む人 / コンビナートへ向かう Japan
Shuntarou Yamanashi 大きな花、咲きました / ボブスレー / 貴船菊 / 天人菊 Japan
Suri Miro took wrong bus in Barcelona / Found the big lizard in the Parc Güell / Going to Sevilla by airplant / Going to Châteaux de la Loire by boat / Lost in London / Unity in The Tube Taiwan
Tatsuro Nakandakari お父さんみたいに。お母さんみたいに。 / きっと君に届くまで Japan
Youna Kim Lake / Flower / Deer Korea
Luczak Alan Fubu / R-Spy Belgium
Anna Kiszka Odyssey of bearded men / Girl in wild / Spring Poland
Anna Pers Bräcke The small Giant Sweden
Julia Cherednichenko Loneliness / Freckle and Bow Ukraine
lolohoihoi lolo love Hong Kong / lolo love Tokyo / lolo at TuenMun 1980 / lolo at TuenMun New Garden 2018 / lolo at TuenMun playground 1980 Hong Kong
Lucas Redondo Bonet Lunacy / Reflection Spain
Manda Leung Banana Boat / Sweety Flight / Rock Candy / Cotton Candy Babies Hong Kong
Mayumi gon Nogami Fishermans wharf Victoria / NF Jelly beans / Salmon / Blue footed booby Japan
Vanda Tais The king in the fairy tale. The Apples of Youth and the Living Russia
WANG Ling-Li There is a castle on a cloud Taiwan

The winner of Silver Award and the Bronze Award are listed in order with the earned points from the top.


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