JIA Illustration Award 2019

The winners of JIA Illustration Award 2020

Number of applicants : 334 artists

Number of entries : 778 works

The winners

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Hannah Li The Walk 01 / The Walk 02 / The Walk 03 / The Walk 04 / The Walk 05 / The Walk 06 China


Gold Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Allen John RAN · 亂 - Hunting through the tall summer-gras
RAN · 亂 - Wild boar hides itself in the bushes
RAN · 亂 - The great lord, Hidetora Ichimonji
RAN · 亂 - First castle
RAN · 亂 - Where the arrow comes from
RAN · 亂 - Hidetora is standing on the upper story with a bow in his other hand
RAN · 亂 - Hidetora opens the window and looks down
RAN · 亂 - The spear brigade rushes for the gate, at the head of the ranks, mounted, is Jiro
RAN · 亂 - The mad Hidetora goes staggering down the slope
RAN · 亂 - Jiro gazes at Hidetora from behind, then runs spontaneously after him


Silver Award

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Yuqiao Zheng (image1-7):'I' Searcher China
Fatinha Ramos 1 - FATINHA RAMOS - Tourmaline cover / 2 - FATINHA RAMOS - Tourmaline /
3 - FATINHA RAMOS - Tourmaline 2
Gold Fujimoto いつか、きっと。 / 想い出は8bit / 繋げられる生活 Japan
Xiaoying Liu どんぐりと山猫 / 猫町 / 猫の踊 / 大王猫の病気 / 山の秋 / くるみ割り人形 China
Entei Moon Wolf and Dancing Crane / The Pearl Dragon Mermaid / Meeting in the Golden Valley China
Belle Lee I have discovered a new world. / You can draw your dream. / Magical place /
We need kindness from the world.
Te Hu La-Macarena (seville) / the Parade of six-armed mani padme /golden temple (converge) China
Tsutomu Kitazawa The-day-of-MobyDick _白鯨の日 / A-Mausoleum-of-Sorrow_慟哭の霊廟 /
Mai Ngo Luci's Garden / Red Viet Nam
EACLE A “Geode” Revelation crystal / A “Witch Surviving a Dark night” / Those who “Don't Exist” /
A White Angel who Visionary her “Daylight” / Ours “Dawn”


Bronze Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Yiran Jia Solaris Book cover / Solaris interior illustration 1 / Solaris interior illustration 2 /
Angela Wu Cage / Baptism And Guarding / LORA / Nest / Pygmalion China
Jialei All Around Birdtown China
Andy Chiang The Outbreak / The Rise / The Crash / The Distance / The Isolation Taiwan
Cathyinaba 春、目を覚ました / 夏の花のように / 秋の形が溶けて、大地の心臓に流れていく / 冬、伝承 China
PureHay Streetfood_robot_life / Happiness_of_Hong_Kong_Tramways / Incense_burner_robot /
Hong Kong
Ruocong Ma Pink Lady / Pink Lady2 / Golden Lady / Orange Lady China
Sakuhal Kubo SNS / AR Japan
CHU WENBEI 新春画・楽 / 新春画・粋 / 新春画・潮 China
Miguel Iturbe Junkyard Pirates 1 / Junkyard Pirates 2 Spain
Mito Nishikura 空想都市-空- / 空想都市-洞窟- / 空想都市-海- Japan
SEWING Moon Pool / Promotion bridge / Geomantic Omen Tower / Stone lion / Roof /
Golden bridge / Red bridge / Isolation
JEAN YI Condolences for a Little Death / The Man in the Picture: The Morning of the Dying /
The Man in the Picture: An Empty Container / The Man in the Picture: The Ghost of Dorian
Eason Ko Love / Tenderness / Dad / First Love / Dream / Twilight / The way to go home /
I wish I could... / Dandelion's Promise / Loneliness
mitaka クロとお散歩(1) / クロとお散歩(2) / クロとお散歩(3) / クロとお散歩(4) /
クロとお散歩(5) / クロとお散歩(6) / クロとお散歩(7)
Lem Lian 絵空事 China
Miki Nihei River town / In the bush / Some country building / Lamp light Japan
Siyue Wang 共生1号 / 共生2号 / 共生3号 / 共生4号 / 共生5号 / ヤモリ China
Yichin Chen The origin of the world / Gazing of Nuwa / The palace of souls /
Evolution in the eden garden / Fading into the wind / Between Frames / Star Traveling /
In the Ocean / In the Desert / A City, An Orchestra
Yu Zhang Puzzle / Pill / Plastic Foam / Vending machine China
Anthony TungNing Huang The Full Moon / Butterfly Lovers / La Bayadère / Ressentir USA
Chau Pham Spring, her name Vietnam
ChuanBin Chung INA-Paiwan / INA-Amis / INA-Thao / INA-Tsou / INA-Rukai Taiwan
Elsy.Bao go for a picnic1 / go for a picnic2 / go for a picnic3 / go for a picnic4 China
kaho* ソレイユ / 白昼夢 / 夜の国のともだち Japan
Kohori Yazu 少女地獄 / 桜の森の満開の下 Japan
Liu Qingqing Freedom / A Dog's Tale / Decisions China
Lucas León What are we? / Our apparition Chile
Misuzu Hata 日常 / 衛 Japan
Noir Noir SHIH Little Daisy got lost. / Little Daisy and fish. Taiwan
PO-SHU WANG Cheetah suits up. Bearing his personal image of JOB in mind
Cheetah wants to be a pedicab driver
Cheetah wants to be an adventurer
Cheetah wants to be a barista
Finally, He choose to be a luck cat at home.
Rita wang What did we do to nature / Fool's paradise / The city fell China
Steven Choi Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes cannot. / Tame / Unique / There are five thousand flowers, all alike, in the world, but only you will be my one and only rose. China
Dali Wu Night Tour • The Unlimited Local Landscapes
It is Always Difficult To ask Their Soul To Stay Behind
Ambigram: Relativities
Lisa Wee Eng Cheng Play date Malaysia
Masayo Ueda forest / ねことねずみ / かえる / 洞窟にて / 葉っぱの下で Japan
Sunny Yazdani Stairs to the Endless Dream USA
Taisuke Yoshida HINOTORI / ANILA / Black Water Dragon / Leviathan Japan
Usagi 新陳代謝 / 卵が観ている / レトロゴーストライダー / 犬猫盛り / エディット Japan
Vuki Spirit and flower / Spirit and embrace / Spirit and fligh / Guiding star and iceberg Russiya

The winner of Silver Award and the Bronze Award are listed in order with the earned points from the top.


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