Gold Award

Allen John

RAN · 亂 - Hunting through the tall summer-grass


RAN · 亂 - Wild boar hides itself in the bushes


RAN · 亂 - The great lord, Hidetora Ichimonji


RAN · 亂 - First castle


RAN · 亂 - Where the arrow comes from


RAN · 亂 - Hidetora is standing on the upper story with a bow in his other hand


RAN · 亂 - Hidetora opens the window and looks down


RAN · 亂 - The spear brigade rushes for the gate, at the head of the ranks, mounted, is Jiro


RAN · 亂 - The mad Hidetora goes staggering down the slope


RAN · 亂 - Jiro gazes at Hidetora from behind, then runs spontaneously after him


used art supplies or application soft

Scratchboard, Gravur Engraver Pen, Craft Knife, EPSON Expression 12000XL Scanner, Adobe Lightroom cc 2017, Adobe Photoshop cc 2017

Artist comments

Japanese warlord Hidetora Ichimonji decides the time has come to retire and divide his fiefdom among his three sons.
His eldest and middle sons - Taro and Jiro - agree with his decision and promise to support him for his remaining days.
The youngest son Saburo disagrees with all of them arguing that there is little likelihood the three brothers will remain united.
Insulted by his son's brashness, the warlord banishes Saburo.
As the warlord begins his retirement, he quickly realizes that his two eldest sons selfish and have no intention of keeping their promises.
It leads to war and only banished Saburo can possibly save him.
“Ran·亂” is a literary Illustration series, based on the film of the same name by Akira Kurosawa.
As I watched this film to the end, I had an unconscious idea - through illustration to interpret the bushido spirit, the cruelty of war, and the circle of destiny in the story.
Inspired also by Hans Hillmann’s book “Fliegenpapier”, I decided to represent this story as an interactive illustration in a combination of drawing and sounds. Website:



Outstanding artworks that shows superb technical skills as well as a mastery in the use of composition and personal illustration style.
The entire serie convey an easy reading even without words and I love the wonderful and emotional atmosphere he creates with the using of only red and dark tones.

Sara Ugolotti

The detail is amazing, the accuracy of lightning and textures makes your work a solid winner.

Male Cuellar

Allen's masterful craftsmanship of a classic woodcut style brings to life scenes of history.
The dark black and white hatching, combined with red accents, lends a gritty, textured feeling to both the artwork, and the narrative it's portraying.

Steve Argyle






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