JIA Illustration Award 2019

The winners of JIA Illustration Award 2021

Number of applicants : 304 artists

Number of entries : 814 works

The winners

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Steven Van Adoration of the lamb / Bubble fight / Venus / The Brusseler Belgium


Gold Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Te Hu shaosiming(god of birth) / xiangjun (god of xiang river) / xiangfuren (goddess of xiang river) / dongjun (god of sun) / yunzhongjun (goddess of cloud) / shangui (goddess of mountain) China


Silver Award

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Amir Alaei The Kite 01 / The Kite 02 / The Kite 03 / The Kite 04 / The Kite 05 / The Kite 06 Iran
João Vaz de Carvalho Noah's Ark / Home / Lovely Portugal
Laimutė Varkalaitė The-Elegant-Forest_FOX / The-Elegant-Forest_HOOPOE / The-Elegant-Forest_SPARROW / The-Elegant-Forest_WOLF / The-Elegant-Forest_RABBIT / The-Elegant-BEAR / The-Elegant-Forest_ELK Lithuania
Tran Nguyen Star Collectors / Bubblegum Girl / Lapis Lovers / Learn Squared /Six Crimson Cranes / You Must Not Miss USA
Jiatong Liu Sanctuary / Inspiration / Imagination / Cultivation China
Xueyi Wang The Princess Mayblossom 01 / The Princess Mayblossom 02 / The Princess Mayblossom 03 / The Princess Mayblossom 04 / The Princess Mayblossom 05 China
Fakestardust City Wanderer - Iridescent / City Wanderer - Petrichor / City Wanderer - Serendipity China
Xiaoying Liu Unseen City / Unseen City / Unseen City / The Surface of Lake / .In the Editorial Department / The Last Conversation with Teacher / The Alchemist / The Alchemist China
Yichin Chen Into the Maze / The Whisper from Your Spirit Animal / Star Traveling / The Storm is Coming / Join the picnic party / Divine Messages with Love / Choose a plate of food / The doors are open for you Taiwan
Yiran Jia Blood Meridian1 / Blood Meridian2 / Blood Meridian3 China
ichicono 妖の城の春 / 可憐な毒 Japan
mitaka 猫観察 / 夏日 / 通り雨 / 靴飛ばし Japan
Lynn's Bakery The foxes are chatting and eating sweet potatoes. / In this magical kitchen, the girl noticed something interesting here ! / She often dreams about the sheep that floats in the sky. And she murmurs "one two three.." / The book, the breeze ... What a peaceful and lovely afternoon ! Taiwan
PureHay The Eternal Dowager Cixi / Last Emperor Henry / General machine Zi / Walled City Soldier Gloria / Doctor Wai-Man / Assassin Sabrina / Head of a state Kennedy / Magician Hugo Hong Kong
Sophia Ji The star / The world / The vaccine Taiwan
Nikolay Filatov FILATOV_fairy_tales Russia
Ayase Mizuta おかえり / 旅の仲間 / 白昼夢 Japan
CHUWENBEI Paradise_Deva / Paradise_Asura / Paradise_Manuṣya / Paradise_Tiryagyoni / Paradise_Preta / Paradise_Naraka China
manting The blue glum hide soft soul / Impermanence / The tranquil sea / Between despair and hope Taiwan
Yoshiaki いぶき / 8.20 / みぎわ Japan


Bronze Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
LIU CHANG 居酒屋1 / 居酒屋2 China
Max Haering Arachne / Philomela / Nothing keeps its own shape / The cities and the dead 1 / The cities and the dead 2 / The cities and the dead 3 Germany
Donna Fan Winter In Mushroom Forest / Spring In Mushroom Forest / Summer in Mushroom Forest / Autumn In Mushroom Forest Taiwan
hohobun 風に乗って / 理想 / 望郷 / 青い春 / 白い檻の中から / 花畑の一瞬 / 白化を包む緑 / 屏風 Japan
Seki 裂咲(れっしょう)I / 裂咲(れっしょう)II / 裂咲(れっしょう)III Japan
Tsutomu Kitazawa The-Sacred-City-by-the-Falls / The Dragon’s Sanctuary / The Dragon’s Cathedral Japan
Xin He Coming Home China
Heather Tao Present A Gift / Oley Is Banished / The Danger China
k-yo muscle air1 / muscle air2 Japan
Lem 絵空事-朝な夕な / 絵空事-朝な夕な China
Mashiro Misaki 非時香菓 / 見つけて、 / 真澄鏡 / vacation Japan
Vuki Denial / Acceptance / Finding a solution Russia
ChloéKong Don’t worry! Be happy! / Don’t worry! We are each other’s angels! / Don’t worry! I’ll alway protect you! / Don’t worry! I’ll never disappear! / What did we find in the adventure? It’s friendship! Malaysia
Elena Galofaro Bansh The Angelfish / The Clownfish Italy
Nann Shi 抹茶(栽培、合組、献茶祭) / 寿司(ばら寿司、箱寿司、大巻寿司) / お盆(送り火、踊り、灯籠流し、迎え火) China
Nekia Donkey Spacecomber and Stowaway (01) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (02) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (03) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (04) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (05) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (06) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (07) / Spacecomber and Stowaway (08) USA
SsOtori Spring Morn-Wharf / Spring Morn-Bird Market / Spring Morn-Tea House / Spring Morn-Stranger China
Anna Sorokina Eye Exam / To Better Vision / Distracted / Juicing Adventures / Build a Birdhouse Russia
Eason Ko The Ninja Fighting with Ghosts / The Ninja Fighting with The Dinosaur /The Ninja Fighting with The Rogue Frog Taiwan
Feixue Mei Contagion / Endless Ballad / Vase China
Geta Belogolovsky Kikimora and the Forest Uncle. Illustration. Russia
Jessica Tan Untitled1 / Untitled2 / Untitled3 Indonesia
Rocinante Urabe キノコを抜けて / 湖の中のひとり / こっちへおいで / さぁおかえり、ふりかえってはいけないよ / さよならお月さま / ほうき星をわけてあげよう / よるをかける / 緑の月の向こう側 Japan
Yu Zhang Hug / Tibet / Private China
CoreLoArt Sunnyside - After Wonderland / Dreams - After Wonderland / Box it out - After Wonderland / Go, Rocketeers - After Wonderland Hong Kong
Futureman 長崎 佐世保 九十九島 Under Sea / 佐世保 第4ドック / 長崎 佐世保 九十九島 From the sky / 未来輪業 / Tokyo Cyber City Japan
Julia Sarapata de Carvalho Grandma's Tale / Resilience / Hug / Little Butterfly / Your inner song / Power of Books / Walk / Encounter Poland
Nami Takahashi Females / 石榴 Japan
Orit Bergman Motke the dog Israel
suzuiro SAYA aperitif -食前酒-[Paradox Restaurant] / restroom -お化粧室へ行ってきます- [Paradox Restaurant] / digestif -食後酒- [Paradox Restaurant] Japan

The winner of Silver Award and the Bronze Award are listed in order with the earned points from the top.


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