100 Illustrators most attractive in the world

This is just an image, illustrations and design, the color of the background is likely to change.

100 people work collection illustrator of up-and-coming from around the world. 
Global illustration of the competition winners of "JIA Illustration Award" and the illustrator of the Year , including the winners of the year award has posted such as to the main work collection of high quality we become. 
From 2019 sold at Amazon , also it can be ordered from bookstores nationwide.

Vol.1 Application Guidelines of 2019 scheduled to be published is here.

Issue of Japan illustrator Association yearbook will be happy to end Womochimashite 2018 Toshiban. 
We sell on Amazon, but please contact us, so we have also direct sales.

Japan Illustrators' Association annual book 2018

A4 full-color 128 page
Issue Date: January 20, 2018
first edition: 1500 copies
The number of the artist:111
Sales Price: 1,500 yen (+ tax)

We will sed you free copies if you are a publisher, working for advertising agencies, or a production company.
Please contact us. mail address

You can take a look at 2017 edition here.

Looking for illustrators?

If you are looking for illustrators, take a look at the pages "exhibitions gallery" first .

Since the illustrator's own web site is linked, you can order to the illustrator directly.

If the web site of the illustrator is not posted on the gallery page, you can find it on the page of "list of the members".

Click home page to the right of the list, and you can jump to the member's own web site.

When you order a work to the illustrators directly, you should tell them "I found you in the web site of the Japanese illustrators' Association".

If the illustrators do not have their own web site, please fill out the required information and name of the illustrators that you want to ask in the form of "Job request of illustrations".

We transfer the contents to the illustrators by e-mail and ask them to contact you directly.

We can introduce you up to 3 illustrators at a time.

In this case, such as the introduction commission is not required at all.

The experienced illustration coordinator of Japan illustrators' Association will help you with your job in the case, such as "You want to us to introduce a large number of the illustrator", "You can not decided illustrators","You do not know how to order illustrations", "You feel anxiety to order illustrator directly".

First read the page of "illustration work request".
If you want to ask the coordination of illustrations please read the page of "coordination of illustration".

To the illustrators

Illustrators need a great effort to takes business.

If you visit such as advertising production company to get a work, you may not get a work immediately, because the frequency to use the illustrations is less.

You have less chance to see Graphic designers and magazine editors because they are always very busy.

The book "100 Illustrators most attractive in the world" contains high quality illustrations because they are the works of the winners of "JIA Illustration Award" the global competition the hundreds of illustrators submited.

You will have the chance to get jobs, if your works posted in this book.

Non members of JIA can also apply, but if you become a member of JIA first, you will be able to post your works with discount fee.

Guidance of JIA admission is here.

Application guidelines of Vol.1 scheduled to be published in 2019 is here.


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