Steven Van

Adoration of the lamb

Bubble fight


The Walk 04

used art supplies or application soft

Acrylic paint, pencils, coloured pencils

Artist comments




Steven’s work is absolutely amazing!
He creates a very charming world with his bizarre, whimsical, playful characters.
In his rich painterly style, the amazing details of texture are exquisitely shown in his work.

A great sense of humor is obviously present in his storytelling as well- all of the charisma in his work makes him a solid winner.

Hannah Li

Free composition, gorgeous colors, dramatic scenes, lovely expressions and extremely rich details.
When I saw these four works for the first time, an exciting, free and comfortable kingdom came to my mind. Like “Animal Farm” these cute and amusing scenes seem to be reflections and metaphors of reality.
I was attracted by an incredible magic from this series of illustrations and watched them several times.
Many small surprises could be found in the details.
The delicate use of aquarelles with water soluble pencils, as well as the extraordinary color combination make the pictures lively and soft.
Lazy tattooed cat, scared fox, giraffe out of the scene, I can feel the distinctive features of all animals through their different facial expressions.
Freedom is the soul of illustration and Steven’s works strongly proves this.
Congratulations on the glory you deserve!

Ailun Jiang

It's very impactful.
Image itself carries lots of narrative and conveys interesting intense emotions.
Love the character's expression and vivid color.
Skill is exellent.
I feel like I'm in the surrealistic world.

Belle Lee

Absolutely brilliant!
Great composition, and colors, and the intriguing details.

Fatinha Ramos

ちなみに4枚目の作品は仕事で制作したものではなく、博覧会のために作ったThe New Yorkerへのオマージュだそうだ。



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