Japan Illustrators' Association

Japan Illustrators' Association is the most popular organization of professional illustrators in Japan.
The number of the members of Japan Illustrators' Association is more than 500.
We are glad to help you, and a lot of Japanese illustrators want to work for you outside of Japan.
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Looking for Japanese illustrators?

If you are looking for Japanese illustrators, you can look their works at the gallery page.
When you find your favorite illustrators, remember the names of the illustrators.
And search the names in the JIA members list.
Then you can find their own web site, and you can make contact to the illustrators directly.
If they do not understand English, contact us by email, so that we can manage in English.

JIA Illustration Award

GRAND PRIX Judge prize

We invite the public contribution of illustrationfrom all over the world.
Anybody can make an entry for this competition.
We do not care if you are a professional illustrator or not.
The images you are going to make entry must be an original work.
It should not be used as your business.
There is no limit of your entry.

You can pay the entry fee via PayPal.
We recommend to pay via PayPal, as the remittance fee of bank is expensive.
In case you pay via PayPal, the entry fee is 3,700 yen for the first piece, and 3,200 yen from the second piece include the remittance fee.
The name of the person in charge is "Takahiro Kanie" and the mail address is info.

If you can not pay via PayPal, please transfer the entry fee to the following bank accounts.
In case you transfer it to the bank account, the entry fee is 6,000 yen for the first piece, and 3,000 yen from the second piece include the remittance fee of bank.

Japan Illustrators' Association
Saving Account 329-1668075

You have to pay the entry fee from April 1st to june 30th in 2015.

You can make entry by entry form.
The width and the heights should be within 2,000 pixels, up to 1MB for each work.
If you can not send them via entry form, you can make entry by email.
Write "the matter of list in the entry form" into your email, and attach your works, and send them to the following email address. email address

We inform the prize winners via email directly.
And we will upload the images which win a prize to our web site in August.
We exhibit them at Yamawaki gallery in Octover.

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Japan Illustrators' Association Annual

Japan Illustrators' Association publish the books of the illustration JIA members works.
You can buy it on the website of Amazon.


Work of Japan Illustrators' Association

Japan Illustrators' Association(JIA) is established to realize the following in 1999.

Please ask us if you have any questions.
We are glad to cooperate with you.

Every art and illustration in this site must not be reprinted without permission by JIA.

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