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Fetching the Moon

Fetching the Moon

Fetching the Moon

Fetching the Moon

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Artist comments

WYX is a contemporary Chinese pastry brand.
The mooncake packaging design for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, we referenced the traditional Chinese folk tale “Monkeys fetching the moon” to express the yearning for good things in life.
In the conventional version, the monkeys would dangle on the tree upside down, reach down to the well then try to fetch the moon’s reflection in the water, however in our renewed interpretation, the desire of pursuing good things is portrayed by ceremonial dance, worship and other ritualistic acts.
The use of flat images to document such sacred formalities often appears in the ancient murals of Western civilizations, yet in Oriental art genre, flat and simple shapes and colors, without superfluous decorative elements mostly appeared as well.
The combination of the two coincidentally constitutes the unique recognition of the packaging illustration.



The animals are beautifully stylized into almost geometric shapes that are nicely placed in the composition, this composition exudes strength and tranquility!
The proportions within 1 character are expertly distorted and give you the feeling that you have always seen those animals that way.
The sober color choice fits in perfectly with the geometric design language.


This is a very special job.
I admire your boldness in composition and character design.
Using a limited color palette and abstract forms have given a good visual effect to your work.
In my opinion, it is a very special and attractive packaging design.
I congratulate you for winning this biennale and I hope to see more of your work.

Amire Alaei

This series of illustrations is very original, playful and strong compositionally.
The graphic language of colours and shapes reminds the basics of Buhaus and looks really modern.
The author solves a few artistic problems here: character design, composition and message.
The illustration in this case stands as a source of information and aesthetic view.
The most attractive thing in these illustrations is the way the main character is depicted.
It is playful and also reveals a sense of confidence, having a well recognizable extraordinary identity.
Many thanks for the author sharing such wonderful works! Congrats!


Cai's illustrations are remarkably unique.
It's bold and graphic with simple shapes, and playful with its stylization.
It catches the eye at a distance because of its almost abstract nature, while communicating a group of colorful monkeys.

Tran Nguyen




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