Silver Award

Sophia Ji

Sun chaser

Moon chaser

The reality and the dream

The dream of Akutagawa Ryūnosuke

used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments




Both the technique and the stylization of the characters give these works a classical beauty.
The calm, thoughtful compositions give you a dreamy feeling and draw you into the drawing, as it were.


It has a very professional composition.
I really like this style of Sofia's work.
Black and white spaces that are artistically divided.
The characters are also very attractive. good luck

Amire Alaei

If there is the way the poem looks visually these illustrations show that.
It is a great pleasure for the eyes to see such a delicate and distinctive visual language.
All the characters and details in compositions look original and memorable.
All the best words for the author!
Wonderful and professional work!


Sophia's handle of tonal value is exceptional.
The way she incorporates texture with her black and white illustrations are pleasing to the eye.

Tran Nguyen

一眼でSophia Jiさんの作品だとわかるくらい個性が強い。
デフォルメが独特で、 モノクロの世界観も独特。



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