Silver Award

Zhe Niu

Spring song

Spring fun

used art supplies or application soft

pencil, procreate

Artist comments

Spring is no stranger to all of us, but what does it look like in everyone's eyes?
In my eyes, spring is different.
In spring, it was a little cold at first, but it got warmer and warmer towards the back.
It wakes the leaves from their slumber, the seeds buried deep in the ground begin to stretch and sprout in the spring, and it makes everything begin to revive and grow.
It hides in the garden and in the pool water. It flies freely with the birds.
It sings its own song in the spring day, and its song carries our blessings for spring.
Follow it and fly into the distance.



Superb composition and colours.
The different textures bring the illustration to life and create a great dynamic.
Beautiful, wonderful botanical elements!


I like the technique of the work. The composition has used a poetic spatial effect. The use of soft colors is also very artistic.

Amire Alaei

Illustrations are very fresh and light.
They transmit the idea of a spring very well.
The graphic style is really modern and distinctive as well.
The white space and colourful details look very professional.
In these illustrations we can find ourselves and our spring mood.
Many thanks to the author for that!


The artist illustrates tranquility and a moment of peace in their work thoughtfully.
They have an eye for design, using decorative shapes to symbolize using a bouquet of floral delight.

Tran Nguyen




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