Bronze Award

Pin-Xuan Zhu

Fear's whisper

Building a dream

used art supplies or application soft

watercolor Watercolor pencils

Artist comments




Very intriguing stylization and beautiful, sober color choice!
Together with the soft, textured technique, the drawings encourage you to look at these works for a long time and to dream away.


In general pen, skill is very good.
However I can't tell what’s going on since they all look busy.
Beautiful compositions.

Amire Alaei

A distinctive creative thinking is one of the most important tools in creativity.
Also an illustrator should not be afraid of showing it and sharing.
These two illustrations are really extraordinary and have much to say.
Also, it is worth praising the author for his high-level artistic skills.


At a distance, the artist's work appears abstract but as you get closer, you find the treasure and story that they've hidden for the viewer to find. It's an alluring quality that they're able to accomplish.

Tran Nguyen




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