Bronze Award

Weiyi Zeng

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used art supplies or application soft

Color pencils Color needle pens Pastel

Artist comments

3 pieces from children book named 'Rooster Oley' which describe Oley's adventure from noisy human city to his happy life in the nature.



A very surprising color palette that is daring yet very successful.
The work is also very strong technically.


I love the storytelling in Weiyi Zeng's work!!
The whimsical characters, and bright and soft color palette is working so well with her style.
Very nicely done!

Amire Alaei

It's so good to see traditional dry media techniques used in illustration.
Illustrations look really fine and transmit a positive mood.
Thanks for that very much!


Weiyi's peculiar use of neon color is eerily fascinating.
From the pink skin to the yellow sunburst backgrounds.

Tran Nguyen




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