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No regrets in life and death

No regrets in life and death

used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments

In The Three Kingdoms period, the kingdoms were divided.
When Wang Yun saw Dong Zhuo's immorality and wanted to kill him, he sent his stepdaughter Diao Chan to seduce him with a series of tricks.
He first betrothed Diaochan to Lu Bu, and then offered it to Dong Zhuo as a concubine, separating the father and son.
Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo and returned home with his wife.
Lv Bu experienced the battlefield and was finally captured by Cao Cao.
Before he died, he did not hesitate to beg Cao Cao to be kind to his wife diao Chan, and made a promise to Diao Chan to wait for the afterlife.



The many details are a feast for the eyes.
The composition is tight but is brought to life by the many events surrounding it.
Beautiful, tantalizing color combinations!


A whole community of characters and lifestyles is nicely present in work.
The composition and colors are very strong in these illustrations.
I like the way the characters get an extra dimension in the composition.

Amire Alaei

Two wonderful pieces of digital art.
It is really good to see such illustrations full of a lot of details and the story behind them.
These two illustrations seem like historical maps.
And they are done very well.


There's an ornamental aspect to the artist's work.
The figures are submerged in a beautiful décor of flowers and cloud swirls.

Tran Nguyen




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