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Burn out


New self

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Artist comments

Ignite Transform This set of 3 illustrations is about making new inspiration after burning out and transforming oneself in to one's better version represented as the stages of candle. 

 1. Burning out could be caused by various factors including environment and critics of haters. 

2. As there is the saying that time heals everything, I do believe that it also works in burning out as well. In order to ignite the candle only the light represented as an inspiration is not enough, so mirror as a helper is needed to amplify the light.
Once being ignited, the candle is transforming itself into a better shape shown in the next illustration.  

3. Melted wax is molded into a new better shape, which displays when one get inspired to become a better new self.



Nice angle to depict a burnout and how to get out of it.
Well found.


I fell in love with the composition and color palette of the works.
Everything is very calculated in the work used.
Good luck

Amire Alaei

A really inspiring concept of illustrations which is revealed in three dynamic compositions.
Each of them has its story and looks well recognizable.
Details of illustrations are strongly connected to each other and could be readable not only as an image, but also as a text.
Many thanks to the author leaving us a freedom to perceive these art works in our individual way.


Beya's illustrations seem as though they're in motion.
They draw in a way that suggests movement in a single illustrated image which is often difficult to do.

Tran Nguyen




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