Bronze Award

Melanie Gandyra

How to deal with pests - Bloom magazine

Sharping joints - PTA women magazine


Convict Lake CA - be aware and care

Seething power - protect what you love

Low Bow - rise & fall

used art supplies or application soft

Mixed media with colored pencil and procreate

Artist comments




Nice way to represent complex themes in a schematic yet interesting, illustrative way.
The light texture brings life to the drawing, yet it is not overly present.


It was one of the most unique works that I saw at the Jia Festival this year.
It is very powerful and flawless.
I personally fell in love with the color palette and compositions of the works.

Amire Alaei

These illustrations look like infographics. The aim of such pictures is to transmit information in a visual way so that it would be well and quickly understandable for a perceiver. And it is not so easy to do, especially finding a style and composing all elements as a story. Congrats for the author of these illustrations! The aim is reached very well!


I really love how the artist allows some of their mark-making to shine through instead of perfectly rendering it out.
It gives it the texture it needs to help break up the flat shapes surrounding it.

Tran Nguyen




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