Bronze Award

Waikwok Choi

Keeping secrets as a vase

Ashgrove Village

The Forking Paths

Ivory Labyrinth


Several futures

used art supplies or application soft

watercolor on paper

Artist comments

Description: The illustrations are inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' novel The Garden of forking paths.
The scenes of Jorge Luis Borges' fiction "The Garden of Forking Paths" are narrated and formed through the patterns on oriental porcelain and World war cipher machines.
Interestingly, the oriental porcelain that appears in these images is still in the homes of British people.
Beyond the fiction, there are stories that still take place metaphorically.
Without using any kind of traditional perspective, these images are intended to embody the multiple ideas of time that recur in Borges' novels.



Beautiful surprising drawings that invite you to explore and to wander slowly in the illustrations.
The watercolor technique is strong and effective.


I like the work technique, but the work space is crowded and the elements are not visible well.
The color palette is also a good job.

Amire Alaei

Each illustration is like a story.
A lot of details create a narrative which could be understood in an individual way.
To combine so many elements in one composition is really a hard task.
So, congrats to the author.
Well done!


I absolutely cherish the imagery in Waikwok's paintings. There's so much to take in and even more when you look closer. There's an oddity to it that I find enticingly beautiful.

Tran Nguyen




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