Gold Award

Max Haering

The Eye in the Pyramid

Spiraling Barracuda

Empty Space & Distinction

Is This Heaven or is it Hell?

Used art supplies or application soft

Ink drawing (Rotring Rapidograph 0,18mm), Edding 300, acrylic white

Artist comments

All drawings are connected to reality!
Inspirations and comment to drawings:
1. novel: The Illuminatus Trilogy by R.A. Wilson and R. Shea
2. School of Barracuda spiraling out of a heart-shaped brightness textbox:
"The world is turning, hope it don't turn away."
Lyric by Neil Young, song "On the Beach"
3. in memory of George Spencer Brown (1923-2016)
4. interior of St. Paul's Dome, London



Great magical visual language which tells stories without any words.
Dynamic, strong and well balanced compositions.I love all the textures in black and white, the shades of gray.
You succeeded to create a world of its own. Very strong compositions.Well done!

Sigal Caspin Segal

The painting is filled with a sense of power, seemingly simple but actually not simple at all.
It uses only black, white, and gray colors, and the image appears cohesive but contains countless details.
Making all these details come together and create a stunning impact requires the excellent painting skills of Max Haering.

Yidong Cai

I am so captivated by the artistry of these works, the use of the tradditional hatching technique is visually clever and masterfully delivered. The design and composition is simply stunning and takes advantage of the contrast between organic vs geometric shapes in a wonderful way.
The art process gives the artist the chance to overcome the constraints of his preferred medium but also gives the chance to play around with his very own and beautiful human constraints.
AI deprived us from this. Stay strong.

Jose Sanchez

Each illustration has an amazing layout.
It's a great collection of illustrations depicted vividly in black and white.
The artist especially made good use of the pen's hatching and textures by illustrating them in creative composition.
Even though hatching textures are included in all parts of the drawing, it is not busy but wonderfully detailed by using the area of space, which is a highly skilled method. 

Eunbi Kang

All lines were drawn as elements of the illustration without wasting any space, and while there are many digital and semi-digital works, this work shines with the skill of an analog work.
I also found it interesting that the text was all handwritten on a dare.

Mayuko Utanishi


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