Sigal Caspin Segal

In the praise of walking

THIMOTHY the tortoise

The master and margarita

used art supplies or application soft

Water colors and colored pencils

Artist comments




The stylization of the characters - animals and people - is very idiosyncratic.
All sorts of things happen in the drawing, which makes it a pleasure to get lost in the illustrations for a long time.
The color choice is also extraordinary, a very special color palette has been chosen that works very well and evokes a world of its own.
The whole has been put on paper with great technical skill.
Congratulations on this wonderful work.


Congratulations on winning this award.
I really like the atmosphere and the color palette you used.
I enjoy and love the fact that you use manual techniques and make your workspace very poetic and dreamy.
In the first frame, the contrast of warm and cold colors gives a good effect, and the placement of the character in the golden point creates a very strong composition.
In the second frame, although there are many visual elements, the arrangement is such that the eye moves throughout the image.
In the third frame, dividing the space into upper and lower parts is very clever, and I really like your character design.
I think your works have the characteristics of good work.

Amire Alaei

Illustration is a magical language which tells stories without any word.
And what is most important, that each time when it is read it can be perceived very differently.
Looking at these illustrations and exploring all the details it seems like the reading of a book.
The author of these pieces of art pays great attention to every detail and composes them all in unexpected ways.
That's why it becomes even more interesting to find out what is happening in illustrations.
All these visual stories are made by using a watercolor technique which gives cosiness and softness.
Many thanks to the author for sharing these light and colorful expressions of the stories. Congrats!


What I find most striking about Sigal's work is the delicacy in their lines and paint strokes.
The way they stylize their characters and environment gives it an air of whimsy and surrealism that is difficult to capture.
Their compositions are well-balanced with one element directing the eye to the next focal point.

Tran Nguyen




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