Silver Award

Kuangyu Niu



War in Ukraine

used art supplies or application soft

Adobe Photoshop

Artist comments




Beautiful technique that goes wonderfully together with the simplicity of the figuration.
The characters are designed in their own way and create a personal world that is further emphasized by the special color mix.
The predominant cool blue-grey tones are brought to life by the single accents in warm red and orange colors


A great job by kuangyu.
A very different and slightly surreal atmosphere has created a distinctive effect.
The relationship between people and buildings and how they are placed has greatly contributed to the visual effect of the work.
Overall, I really like this job.

Amire Alaei

Artist's mission is not only to create sweet pieces of art.
The visual artist very often has to send a message and say his opinion about actual themes in the world.
And that is not easy to do.
Especially, when the aim is to show it understandable but still in an aesthetic and individually artistic way.
The author of these illustrations finds a solution and the result is great, having a big impact on a perceiver.
Many thanks for visualizing those themes about which sometimes is not easy to talk about in other ways as art.
Well done! Congrats!


Kuangyu's strong point is absolutely their ability to convey/communicate an idea to the viewer.
I can immediately understand the concept of the image which makes for a successful illustration.
This is also a wonderful example of good problem-solving.

Tran Nguyen

1はStay homeしている人達にフードデリバリーするオートバイ。



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