Silver Award


Lust-Lilith the Night Witch

Greed-Medea the Princess

Pride-Lady of the Lake

Envy-Hera the Goddess

Wrath-Isis the Queen

Gluttony-Yang, the Imperial Consort

Used art supplies or application soft

Corel Painter
Adobe Photoshop

Artist comments

 “Modern digital art featuring female aesthetics”.
'Shawli's Fantasy Art' was created to express Shawli's interpretation of women in this new feminist era.
Inspired from "Women's aura of sensuality, beautiful female figures, and exquisite bravery", Shawli praise womanhood in their purest form of beauty; she illustrate women as a beautiful being who not only is real, at the same time loving and strong.
"Be proud, be fierce, be beautiful" is the spirit that is embedded to every art piece.



Excellently drawn compositions with special colors.
A surreal dreamy world presented with a lot of feeling.


I especially love the strong consistency on the first three pictures- great choice of a limited palette and subtle yet rich textures.
Great composition and perspective view.
The drawings are very well done

Amire Alaei

Sweet palette of colours and beautiful shapes of motives catch an eye.
Each of the compositions contains a lot of details.
That's why it is interesting to explore and find out a narrative of illustration.


The artist does a great job depicting the relationship between the figures and her supporting characters, for example the white wolf.
They capture an intimate moment between the woman and her companion.

Tran Nguyen




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