Silver Award

Yichin Chen

Are you tired of swiping?

Easy, breezy, silky!

"The" brushes

Let’s build up a “perfect” dating profile

Get ready for the date night

Must-haves for the first and last dates

used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments

Using the visual language of the 50s shopping catalog that widely spread all over America, this illustration series is a visual experiment in probing the so-called beauty and social norms.



Funny with carefully selected compositions.
An eye for detail to bring the right atmosphere to life.


This surprised me!
The color palette is very attractive and the division of the work space in a modern way is excellent.
I hope to see many works of Yichin Chen in the future.

Amire Alaei

Congrats to the author for showing us some scenes of daily life in such a creative way.
It is good to see such artistic solutions and confirm that illustration is a tool to speak loudly about what we care about.
All the compositions of this work were created very well.
The expression of an idea is completely done. Congrats!


The work is quirky and colorful. The narrative focuses on a seemingly ordinary subject matter but treated in a thoughtful manner.

Tran Nguyen




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