Bronze Award

Jingxin Fang

Tears flow

Stupid face



used art supplies or application soft

Colored pencils

Artist comments

Synopsis: A little girl who hated crying tried to destroy all her tears, but no matter how much she tried, they won't go away.
In this process of destroying her tears, she gradually matured and she found that shedding tears was no longer such a terrible thing.
Just as she went through her inner metamorphosis, all her tears were transformed into beautiful butterflies.
The creative inspiration of this picture book story comes from my life.
I used to think crying is ashamed.
Every time I cried, I wanted to forget all this.
But as I grew up, I gradually realized that crying is not ashamed.
Everyone will have moments of emotion.
People should learn to face their own shortcomings.
So tears are actually my precious treasure and a witness of my growth.



Intriguing compositions with a very own choice of color.
The technique gives the whole a nice dreamy atmosphere.


Amazing artwork.
Interesting compositions with a great color palette.
Beautiful poetic and powerful illustrations translated through simplicity.

Amire Alaei

Soft, cosy and sensitive illustrations.
To reveal the emotion an author selected to use an appropriate graphic media.
Compositions are dynamic and each of the has its character.
That shows the unique and deep creative thinking of an author.
Many thanks for sharing this beauty with us!


I appreciate artist's delicate pencil work. They don't over-render but rather allow the pencil strokes to show through and add a bit of rawness to the final.

Tran Nguyen




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