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Peiyin Shih

I love you!

My boy!

Where am I?

Is my mom?

Is my baby?


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Artist comments

The story of The Little Fox’s Mother & Mother’s Little Fox is structured in such a way that the reader can read from either side of the book, with the ending being in the middle of the book.
From the front cover, the story is told from the perspective of a mother fox looking for her child, and from the back cover, the story is told from the baby fox’s perspective, looking for their mother.
At the beginning of The Little Fox’s Mother, the mother fox and her baby snuggle.
When they were together, it felt like they were in a safe environment with grass, but we quickly learn that this was not the case when a fur farm worker took the baby away from the mother.
They are not in a blissful or happy place.
The workers at the farm always take the babies away when the mother foxes are rearing their babies.
The anxious mothers look for their babies.
“My baby,” she yells.
The fox babies whine and disappear into the long hallway of the farm.
On the other side, the Mother’s Little Fox fell off a truck and ended up in a fashion district.
He passes the window of a fur coat shop, with people paying attention to the fur clothing.
But the baby fox notices a red tail, “Is that mama?
He followed… The ending in the middle of the book is when the mother and child reunited.



Very nice stylization of the figures.
The expressions on the foxes is very intense, you feel all the emotions that emanate from it.
I completely sympathized with the fox, even though I didn't know the full story.
Beautiful colours.


I really liked both the illustrations and the story, it's very fun and dynamic.
The perfect use of colors is very vivid and very colorful.
A combination of painting and illustration.
No, I think it's a subtle and wonderful work that goes beyond that.

Amire Alaei

Many thanks for sharing this visually sensitive story.
Each illustration has its original character and is completed.
The role of a colour is selected very well and catches an eye very quickly.
Also, it is worth mentioning that the graphic style is really original and contemporary as well.
The author has a deep sense of how to compose all details and create harmonious illustrations.
Congrats and thanks for this pleasure to our eyes!


The way the artist tells the story of the fox family through color is smart and well-executed.
They keep the protagonist in brilliant red color while contrasting the remainder of the environment in a bleak, blue tone.

Tran Nguyen




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