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Yiyi Wang

Figure of Western Queen Mother 西王母图

Kylin 麒麟

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Adobe PhotoShop

Artist comments

「Figure of Western Queen Mother 西王母图」
Queen Mother of the West is the spokesperson of heaven, earth and ghosts, in charge of life and death; she is also in charge of the Heavenly Severity and the Five Cruelties, and is the god of natural disasters, punishment and killing.She rules the heavenly court where many gods and goddesses live on the Kunlun mountain range in the west, often accompanied by jade maidens and three-legged birds.
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「Kylin 麒麟」
Kylin, an auspicious divine pet, indicates peace and longevity.
The painter spent several months painting the kylin pattern with kylin as a major part and made an "amulet"silk painting that can be mounted and worn. In terms of the color scheme, dark green and brown were used widely and decorated and highlighted in pink, which not only fits in with most Chinese-style home decoration styles but also better sets off the skin tone of wearers.
As for painting techniques, techniques of traditional Chinese elaborate paintings were combined with the embroidered pattern simulated by meticulous arrangements of lines, to endow the work with both classic and novel features.
In terms of composition, the Chinese sunk panel style composition was adopted, looking dignified and steady.
Meanwhile, in consideration of wearing scenarios, the composition of the quadrangular pattern was specially designed.
This is a work of art with both aesthetic ideas and practical value.
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The combination of geometric figures and organic shapes is of a classical beauty.


I like the artist’s style.
It’s very well painted in the style.
Lots of things were going on but the artist tried to deliver well.The concept is interesting but skill can be developed.

Amire Alaei

Illustrations which show us a cultural history.
The author of these pieces of art has a great talent to combine so many details in two harmonious compositions which are delicate and professionally done.


I appreciate the exceptional level of details in the artist's illustrations.
While these would do well as illustrations on their own, they would also work well in textile application.

Tran Nguyen




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