Bronze Award

Frankiew Yip

Leader of the Mountain Leung

The Puppet King

The Twin Dragons Mountain

The Nine Dragon Girl

used art supplies or application soft


Artist comments

In remote ancient times, a spaceship suddenly appeared in the sky and fell into the Country of the “Song” Dynasty, lying on two large mountains like a giant beam supporting the sky.
The world renamed this place "Mountain Leung".
The heroes of the "Mountain Leung" obtained the ancient civilization armor that can enhance the physical ability to exceed the limit of human beings by chance.
With this armor, they turned from civilians to super-warriors, demonstrated extraordinary martial arts on the battlefield, and rescue mankind.



Striking color choices make this a surprising setting.
There is a good interaction between the proportions and colors of the characters.


An attractive image that evokes the reader's ideas.
The strange world and unique colors have made this image a suitable image for this story.
The energy in the images has made the work very unique.

Amire Alaei

One of the main missions of the illustration is to show us other worlds and to give an opportunity to explore them and to find something important to us individually.
This series of illustrations shows the ability of the author to reveal those words in a very professional graphic way: the 3D effect of shapes, the light and shadows, the vast range of colours and the atmosphere which comes from illustrations.
That is a high artistic level.


I enjoy the action sequences that the artist showcases in their paintings.
They've challenged themselves with multi-bodied compositions and aren't afraid of difficult camera angles.

Tran Nguyen




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