JIA Illustration Award 2023

The winners of JIA Illustration Award 2022

Number of applicants : 344 artists

Number of entries : 941  works

The winners


Gold Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Max Haering The Eye in the Pyramid / Spiraling Barracuda / Empty Space & Distinction / Is This Heaven or is it Hell? Germany


Silver Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
AN PING The Visitor / Into the Maze / Hide and Seek / Before Sunrise / To be Continued Taiwan
Chen Chen Days In London1 / Days In London2 / Days In London3 / Days In London4 / Days In London5 UK
FOURTIN The Toy Doctor / I Wish / The Heart Stealer / The Online Warrior / After School Hong Kong
Jiuer The bear of Oroqen China
Weston Wei Bless you / Sleeping with my illness / Drawing is my shelter / Killing the ouroboros / Symbiosis USA
WINCY Bamboo Craft Festival / Dragon Dance Show / Reshape Taste of HK / Experience the Crafts / Dismantlement Hong Kong
Yazhi Zheng New World Adventure (1) / New World Adventure (2) / New World Adventure (3) / Flower Shop / Insomnia USA
JUN ZHOU the Broken Moon / the Tree Library / Magic Box / Castle Paradise / Cloud Machine USA
ShirleyGong The Wall / The Tunnel / From the sea / The Chest / The White Snake China
YUWEI LI Futuristic City 01 / Futuristic City 02 USA
LUCAS LEÓN Before judgement / My soul and the injustice / Theater of appearances / Patience in the metamorphosis / The Fool Chile
Matu The Chess Board / The Metropolitan / The Rubik's Cube / The Cage / EThe Phonograph USA
Xinyue Zhu Ode to the Emperor1~5 China
ZiruoWang City Explorer ZiruoWang
CYAN LIN Animal Testing Will Be History China
LINLI Guqin Impression / Pipa Impression / Guzheng Impression China
MatsuiAyaka drawing room / dining room / garden Japan
PINGNAN Eyeball Plantation / Eyeball Plantation / Eyeball Plantation / Eyeball Plantation USA
RIKI The Little Theater in My Head (1) / The Little Theater in My Head (2) / Cat's Free Time(1) / Cat's Free Time(2) China
PureHay Unwavering belief / Reset memories / Drunkenness / Whispering in the brain / Digital seasoning Hong Kong


Bronze Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
IAN JUN WEI CHIEW Kingred / Lemon Marmalade Japan
JINGJING CHEN The sun / The moon / The rainbow / Four seasons China
SEZO The sun / The moon / The rainbow / Four seasons China
Zhaochen Wu The Carpet Workshop / Temple on the Steppe / The Altar of Sun / Into the Unknown USA
CANTOKUN Anima&Animus / Pavilion of Desire / Menstrual Bless / Acne Flower / Meditation Pool Sweden
DASU Social Coherence / Ojigi / Queue / Girl's Power / No Access Japan
Olesya Shchukina A street-cleaner. / Bananas for two coins / "Oh! My red bicycle!" / Not his size France
WENBEI CHU BIRD_crane / BIRD_peacock / BIRD_parrot China
ZHAOYAN JIANG Where are You?My Horse / God of Flowers / What is death? / Where are you going, horse? / Seed of life China
AmirAlaei frim 01~04 Iran
CICO table manners / work with heart / Utopia Japan
MORI Shall We See The Sea? 01-05 Taiwan
VenchoWang The Courage / Once upon a time / London Market / KD the guy / Shout UK
YACHING CHEN Play with Me / My Love Was Stolen / No One Can Steal Love from Me / Ai~Ai~(愛~愛~) / The Day I Found Love USA
YADI WU Father's garden / Falling into the water / Fairy land China
CARIS Seek / Rebirth China
COUNTANDRA Consequence / Shisa / Exiled Prince USA
Hanyu Mu Good Morning#1~5 USA
HARU Wonderland of the Sea / Mirror of the Sky / Bread of the Clouds / Child of Nature China
TIAN ZHANG Beach house China
YINKO Come into bloom / Illusion / Ladies fade away USA
BELDIILESIA city of lost tulips1.Fun / city of lost tulips2.Newt death / city of lost tulips3.Reading Ukraine
JIAYUN XU Secret Garden / Freedom / Alone / Memory / Citywalk China
MITAKA The departure of the day / White ball / Moment / Meet / Smoothly Japan
VAN Szechuan&Chongqing / Stuck / White Hell / Carp / Natural wisp USA
ZHENIU Pursue / Look for / Memories / Seek / Encounter China
CIEL Emperor's New Clothes / Rabbit Warrior / The Mirror USA
ELYON I don't like waiting / You are new here / I don't like waiting for you / Yet I waited / And I waited UK
NATALIE PUDALOV The more we get together Israel
SELDOMQ Nose Smells Love / Ears Hear Anger / Eyes See Joy / Mind Sees Desires / Tongue Tastes the Longing UK

The winner of Silver Award and the Bronze Award are listed in order with the earned points from the top.


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