JIA Illustration Award 2022

The winners of JIA Illustration Award 2022

Number of applicants : 343 artists

Number of entries : 846 works

The winners

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Sigal Caspin Segal In the praise of walking / THIMOTHY the tortoise / The master and margarita Israel


Gold Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
cai Fetching the Moon China


Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Xiaoying Liu Adventures in Wordland01〜06 China


Silver Award

Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Yixin Zhou Dual personality China
Sophia Ji Sun chaser / Moon chaser / The reality and the dream / The dream of Akutagawa Ryūnosuke Taiwan
Wei Chang さあ、どうする? / 月下 / 神蹟騎士 Taiwan
Kuangyu Niu Quarantine / COVID-19 / War in Ukraine Taiwan
Max Haering Polar Bear / Colosseum feat. Moby Dick / In Memory of Hartmut Rueger (Kopf aus dem Sinai) Deutschland
kanai 桜雨 / どんな姿も愛おしいんだ / 青い台所 / 図書館の秘密 / 執筆休憩中 Japan
kanghai 私、成人後_01〜05 China
LIU CHANG フードデリバリーのある瞬間1〜3 China
Midori Daiko 犬の図書館 / 春の旋律 / フクロウの冬 / カエル劇場 / ハシビロコウ宮殿 / リュウグウノツカイ海 Japan
Perrotrope Uber Treats / Halu / Dead Robot Costa Rica
Hanghui Lian Companion Beast / Choose / Guard / Dreamland / Encounter China
YUKE LI Brooklyn Night / New Guests / On the Way Home / Dancing / Dinner China
Ashling Hide and Seek / Missing Sock / Morning Market / Summer Breeze / HotPot / Your City China
Shawli Lust-Lilith the Night Witch / Greed-Medea the Princess / Pride-Lady of the Lake / Envy-Hera the Goddess / Wrath-Isis the Queen / Gluttony-Yang, the Imperial Consort Taiwan
Yichin Chen Are you tired of swiping? / Easy, breezy, silky! / "The" brushes / Let’s build up a “perfect” dating profile / Get ready for the date night / Must-haves for the first and last dates Taiwan
Zhe Niu Spring song / Spring fun China
Elaine Lin Into the unknown / Toy House / Chessboard / Pandemic tourists USA
Eunbi Kang Delivery / Fly / Morning Dove Korea
Jun Zhou Lost City Dura / land of the giant serpents / ice spider / the kingdom map / Rubik's cube USA


Bronze Award
Artist name
Tha title of the works
Country, Region
Jingxin Fang Tears flow / Stupid face / Collections / Butterflies UK
Peiyin Shih I love you! / My boy! / Where am I? / Is my mom? / Is my baby? / Finally! Taiwan
Pin-Xuan Zhu Fear's whisper / Building a dream Taiwan
Shirley Gong She#1 the Soil / She#2 the Cage / She#3 Plunder China
Dannie Niu I no longer have to worry about being stabbed by the light. / No more tears will break my cheek. / I would not see the stars shining in the dark. / I promised him I would never look back on the past time. / I guess I won't be afraid of being alone. USA
Georgia In the whole wide world... / Me! Ozi / My love~Mami / I love her smile. Taiwan
ichicono 幽世の狭間 / 水面に映る色 / 彼は誰時の幻影 Japan
Weiyi Zeng Like or like01〜05 China
Wesker Zhan Mountain fair / Downhill / A battle / Pursue / Battle to dawn / Peace China
Al Estrella Ali in Wonderland Philippines
Hula From the outside Poland
Mitaka ドラコをさがしに(1)〜(4) Japan
Yiyi Wang Figure of Western Queen Mother 西王母图 / Kylin 麒麟 China
Frankiew Yip Leader of the Mountain Leung / The Puppet King / The Twin Dragons Mountain / The Nine Dragon Girl Hong Kong
Senyao No regrets in life and death China
Yiyi Chen Bathroom Vacation / Summer Memory / Lasting Wounds China
BEYA Burn out / Ignite / New self Thailand
Ciel Chen Pupa / In Wendy's Bedroom (Peter Pan) China
Melanie Gandyra How to deal with pests - Bloom magazine / Sharping joints - PTA women magazine / Deeprooted / Convict Lake CA - be aware and care / Seething power - protect what you love / Low Bow - rise & fall Germany
Tatsuro Nakandakari Whispers from the stars / Calm Place / When The child of star was twinkling / The stars and trees and us / To the gap of stars Japan
Tong Xuanjue 青いの心臓の毛虫 / 紫陽花火 / 曇の扉と向日葵たち / 海の夕焼け China
Wen Zhang The picnic girl / The Beijingren / leisurely life China
Canedilana BEA La Madre-Travel / La Madre-Sacrifice / La Madre-Merge / La Madre-Staring / La Madre-Pray China
Chinatsu Washikita One rainy day / One sunny day / Welcome to my coffee shop / The happy street / My town with hot air balloon / Two solo camper Japan
Lu Chene On Body and Soul 01〜03 China
meimei icon / Mermaid / SPACE GIRL / memory Japan
Miki Nihei Garden / Woods / Moonlit night Japan
Shan chuiya 十二花神の梅 / 十二花神の杏 China
Waikwok Choi Keeping secrets as a vase / Ashgrove Village / The Forking Paths / Ivory Labyrinth / Letter / Several futures HongKong
YA CHI Waiting / Nutrition for Growing minds / Nice-Pretty / To be footloose and fancy-free Taiwan

The winner of Silver Award and the Bronze Award are listed in order with the earned points from the top.


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